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Improv Duo Mutation Comedy on YouTube! Episode #1

Mutation #1 – Comedy. Podcast. Talk. Sketch. Episode One: “Exploratory Horror.” Mutated conversation. Take One. Skits include: Up The Corporate Ladder, & Worldwide Sports (feat. Jessie Jackson). Live dialogue by Moonie D& J Bryant Post Production & Mixes by SVstudios & OICstudios.

The Mutation Comedy duo have been placing their episodes on the DNL – Spoken Word archive channel. They already have over 100 skits up and they plan to upload many more. “Archiving our skits from years past has motivated us to make new material” Said Moonie D of Mutation “as soon as we begin to run out of material we call each other on skype, hit record, and make some more.”

You can catch up on past episodes and subscribe to receive notifications of new shows here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTUg55EBOGAxrwG0Wn5tkBQ


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