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O I C Studios Open Mic

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A creative and interactive event showcasing spoken word, music, comedy and other performance arts. The audience can expect both traditional and avant-garde works. There will also be trivia and games with gift certificates from area businesses up for grabs.

Once a month
Backwoods Guitar LLC. 120 S. Osage Sedalia Mo

Those wishing to participate may sign up upon arrival. Seating may be limited so feel free to bring your own chairs.

We’re looking for performance artists who would like to perform in our open mic events. These can include spoken word, music, comedy, dance, theatre, mime, puppetry, magic, improvisation and others.

If your performance art isn’t listed, please contact James at 660 553 4572. We’d love to have you perform at our open mic events!

Open Mic Guidelines:

The focus is on open mic, people walking in to read a poem, play a song or to do a comedy routine. There will be a designated reader and musician ready to stand in if no one participates in the open mic.

Upon signing up, provide the titles of your selections and the amount of time you will need to perform each selection.

Rather than a scheduled block of time, participants perform one selection until their next turn. A selection may not exceed 10 minutes. (The exception here is for musicians who can play 2 selections per turn and these 2 selections combined can not exceed 10 minutes.)

Musicians may play covers or their own original material.

If there are more than two musicians in your band, you will be required to contact James in advance of the event. This will give us time to set up.

Writers may read anything providing it is their own original work. Genres can include poetry, prose, anecdote, haiku, essay, short stories or excerpts from longer works. You are encouraged to time yourself reading before the event so as not to exceed 10 minutes.

You are expected to be ready to perform when called upon, for instance, reading
material in hand or instrument tuned ahead of time.

If you require more time, contact James in advance of the event.

We strongly embrace our constitutional right to free speech. However, limit those things which may be considered obscene, vulgar or risque to a minimum. In other words, don’t overdo it! And as always, be mindful of your audience.

We will provide cables, microphones and a mic stand. If you require anything else, please bring it with you. Seating will sometimes be limited so feel free to bring your own chair.

Each event will be recorded live and uploaded to our Oicstudios YouTube channel. This will be a great opportunity for artists seeking additional exposure.

We will have a merchandise table set up so feel free to bring your books or music you’d like to sell.

From time to time, gift certificates from area businesses will be given to winners of trivia and games.

We thank you for abiding by these guidelines. Your understanding and cooperation help to ensure that everyone is given an equitable amount of time.

For more information please contact James at 660 553 4572 or Backwoods Guitar at 660 851 2233

Our Next Event

February 15, 2019 7-9 pm
Backwoods Guitar LLC. 120 S. Osage Sedalia Mo

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