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We are a non-profit grassroots organization promoting area poets, writers and musicians. Please consider supportting local artists!

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My name is James. I am a writer, musician, comedian, actor, audio engineer, freelance agent, event coordinator and promoter.

You will find on this page links to the events I host, my collaborations with other artists and my own personal creative endeavors.

The O I C Studios Podcast – Promoting you and what you do

The O I C Studios Open Mic Night at Backwoods Guitar LLC in Sedalia Mo

SpoFest – spoken word event in Sedalia Mo

Fish and Bones, Paranormal Radio Drama by SM Dotson

Senior Moments – Geriatric humor featuring old man Walter

James Bryant’s Poetry – A collection of my poetry narrated by myself and others

James Bryant’s Haiku – A collection of my haiku narrated by myself and others

James Bryant’s Music – An eclectic collection of my avant-garde music (Includes collaborations with other musicians)

One Snack Mind – The Adventures of Banshee the talking Cat

Upcoming Events

SpoFest Quarantine Special: SM Dotson Book Release Party
March 28 2020 6pm

Thanks to everyone who made this event truly unique.

Some people experienced issues listening to Travis DeMoss’s song Gillam during our live stream event. I have posted the direct link to his song here:

Travis DeMoss – Gillam:

You can also listen to the rebroadcast of this event here:

Contacting O I C Studios

Want to perform at our open mic and SpoFest events?

Want to collaborate with me here in the studio?

Want to be featured in the O I C Studios Podcast?

Want to record a few of your songs here in the studio?

Phone James:
660 553 4572

Email: oic.studios@gmail.com