Senior Moments

On the phone with the cantankerous old Man walter and his adorable next door neighbor Nancy.

Walter and Margaret: James
Nancy: Nancy (my mom)

Season 1:

Episode 1, Butt Pipe:

Episode 2, The Boo Shop:

Episode 3, Four Tires:

Episode 4, Do you Take It or Give It:

Episode 5, I Need The Money:

Episode 6, Start Being Nice to Your Wife:

Episode 7, Walter Tries Selling His $25 Car:

Episode 8, Walter Tries Selling His $25 Car, again:

Episode 9, Margaret Does Edith Bunker:

Episode 10, Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You:

Episode 11, Go To Margaret:

Episode 12, I Gotta Go!:

Episode 13, Huh?:

Episode 14, Go Lick Your Own Butt!:

Episode 15, A Pot To Throw The Piss Out:

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  1. Joe says:

    This is really Great stuff!

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