James Bryants Haiku

Presenting a collection of haiku.

The following are narrated by James unless otherwise specified.

They have been broken down into two categories.

General refers to the early days of exploring the wonderful world of haiku.

Dark refers to the most recent, focusing on the darker side of the human nature.

General Haiku

Abraham in Booth:

A Passionate Act:

Desolation Nears:

I’m Fine and Dandy:

Lying Through Your Teeth:

Marital Memoirs:

Running Brave Defy:

This Way Madness Lies:

This Way Sadness Lies:

Dark Haiku

Connecting the Dots:

For the Love of God:

Hurt Me, Beat Me, Please:

Inside a Black Hole:

My Body, Garbage:

My Plight of Darkness:

Something From Nothing:

Supper of Suffer:

There Is No Shelter:

A Feeding Frenzy (Read by Mark Pearce):

Continue To Sob (Read by Mark Pearce):

The Final Curtain (Read by Mark Pearce):

There Is No Shelter (Read by Mark Pearce):

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