SpoFest Writing Prompt Event

** Please read this entire document before signing up to read. Thank you. Last update: January 28 2021 **

Unlike most virtual open mic events, the focus of this event is to provide inspiration/motivation to write by way of a writing prompt, and to instantly receive feedback by reading your work to our audience on Zoom and Facebook.

Around the first week of each month, we get you started by providing you with a writing prompts in the form of three words/phrases, chosen specifically for that event. On the last Tuesday of each month, writers have the opportunity to read in the writing prompt round what they have created.

If however the writing prompt has not inspired/motivated you to write, you can still participate in the event by reading from your existing body of original work in the open mic round.



Event host: James Bryant
Event co-host: Cynthia Bosley

This event takes place via Zoom and is streamed live from our SpoFest Open Mic Poetry and Prose Facebook page.
Watch each SpoFest Writing Prompt / Open Mic event here!

Zoom doors open at 6:30 PM CST. Facebook live stream begins around 6:45 PM CST. We encourage all participants to sign into the meeting between 6:30 and 6:45pm to work out any audio/visual glitches before the event begins at 7.

Writers and members of our viewing audience sign up for each event by registering with Zoom. You can locate the Zoom link for each event after having read the guidelines below.

If you are new to this event format, PLEASE carefully read through the guidelines first before registering. Otherwise, if you are already familiar with our event format, scroll pass the guidelines to locate the Zoom register link for this month’s event.

Once you click on the Zoom link, you will be directed to the Zoom registration page. Here you will see the three words/phrases for that event, plus boxes for first and last name, your email address and a dropdown menu to specify whether you wish to participate in the writing prompt round, the open mic round, or if you are attending the event as a member of our viewing audience.

Writers: when registering for this event, you can only participate in either the writing prompt round or the open mic round, not both in the same event.

Upon completing registration, you will receive an email which will include your own unique Zoom join link for the event you wish to participate in.

Registration is limited to 20 participants per event: 10 writing prompt participants and 10 open mic participants. Once we have reached our limit, registration will be closed. The registration limit does not apply to those who are attending the event as members of our viewing audience.

If for some reason you are unable to attend the event, locate the My Meeting Confirmation email you received, and click on cancel at the bottom of the email to cancel your registration. This allows someone else to register in your place. Thank you.

This event goes from 7 to 9 PM CST. There are three rounds to this event: Writing Prompt, Open Mic and Lightning. The event begins with the writing prompt round, followed by the open mic round, and time permitting, the lightning round.

** The number of participants signing up to read will determine the length of each round: the Writing Prompt round and the Open Mic round. It’s our intent to give focus to the Writing Prompt round and also to remain flexible to what is working best for our future scheduled events. **


Exercise that creative muscle! Create your original work using the three words/phrases provided for each event!

Your work must include, in some way, shape or form, the three words/phrases provided.
It should be 750 words or less. This is equal to five minutes reading (out loud) time)
It may be any genre or style of writing, fiction or nonfiction.
The limit is 10 writing prompt participants per event.

Those who participate in the Writing Prompt round will automatically be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card from Amazon. A winner will be drawn at the end of the event. If your name is drawn, you must be present at the event to claim your gift card.


Read something from your existing body of work.

If the provided writing prompt has not inspired/motivated you to write, you can still participate in the event by reading from your body of work in the open mic round. Maybe you want to share a new poem you just wrote!

Each writer has five minutes per turn.
Writers can have an additional turn time permitting.
You can read any genre or style of writing, fiction or nonfiction, as long as it’s your own original work
The limit is 10 open mic participants per event.

Lightning Round:

Time permitting, this round begins once the open mic round has concluded.

Each writing prompt and open mic participant will have the opportunity to answer/respond to a literary/writing question chosen at random.

Each participant receives two minutes exactly to answer/respond.


The order of reading for each round is determined by the order of registration.

When you are reading your work out loud, any introductory/prefatory information is included in your five minute limit.

Estimate how long it takes to read out loud your work using this handy read-o-meter tool.
Read-O-Meter Tool

Make sure to show up on time if you have signed up to read.

For the best audio quality possible, we encourage readers to use a headset or lapel mic.

Find a quiet place to read.

Make sure Zoom is the only app running on your system during the event.



Participating in the March 30th Writing Prompt / Open Mic event? Promote yourself and your work!

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If you need further information about this event please do not hesitate to contact James.

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