SpoFest Online

This is a virtual open mic event using Zoom. 6 PM CDT first and third Saturday of each month. Read poetry, prose or excerpts from longer works. (original works only).

SpoFest Calendar for 2020

December 5th:
Jose Faus, Nancy Owen Nelson, Christopher T. George, Cindy Bosley

December 19th:
Michael Joseph Arcangelini, Karen Scott, Dane Ince, Pat Daneman

SpoFest Calendar for 2021
First and third Tuesday of each month. Start time 7 PM CDT

January 5th:
Jonie McIntire, Carmel Morse, Jacob Billingsley, Michael Wells

January 19th:
Joel Coltharp, Steve Abbott, R. Nikolas Macioci, William Trowbridge

February 2nd:
Agnes Vojta, Lisa and Robert Stewart, Leo Todd Jarrett

February 16th:
Catherine Browder, Catherine Anderson, Jennifer Met, Martina McGowan

March 2nd:
Paul Goldman, Trish Reeves, Michael Pritchett, Cat Russell

March 16th:
Jason Baldinger, Kerry Trautman, Chuck Salmon, Sarah Bellum Mental

This event is an excellent opportunity for poets, writers and authors to promote their original works. You can read any genre or style of writing, both fiction and non-fiction. The following describes our event format and what readers can expect by participating in the event. Our events are recorded live on Facebook and are available to watch on-demand later.

First, readers will use Zoom to participate. Download and Learn how to use it:
Using Zoom

Can’t use Zoom for some reason? You can still participate via landline or moble phone:
Find your local number to dial into the event

There are four featured readers for each event. Each reader receives 15 minutes to read which is divided up into thre five minute turns at reading.

There are three rounds in the event: reading, discussion and wrap-up. Our event goes from 6 pm to 8 PM CDT.

The event begins with the reading round.

This round focuses on the poetry and prose. There will be very little chatter. Each reader takes two of their three turns at reading.

Then we have the discussion round.

In this round, each writer will have the opportunity to respond to thre questions. Two of these questions will be provided in advance of the event so you have plenty of time to think on how you would like to answer.

The third question is your own. This is your opportunity to provide a question that no one has thought to ask you. This could be litearary or biographical in nature, or simply being asked where one can buy your books.

The event concludes for the four readers with the wrap-up round

In this round each reader takes their final turn at reading.

Readers take turns reading, the order of which will be determined prior to the start of the event. Please read a QUICK 30 second bio before beginning your first turn. This will give your reading some context.

It is very important that you time yourself reading each of your selections before the event. Although the target is five minutes per turn, it is okay to go over by 15-45 seconds.

Watch our November 7th event to get an idea on what to expect by participating in our event.


Connect with SpoFest founder and host James Bryant on Facebook

Once you have connected with James, let him know a good time to speak on the phone. This call is to establish your writing credentials and to decide on a date for you to read.

James will provide each reader with a Zoom register link. After registering, readers will receive their own link by email to join the event on Zoom.

There are four slots per event. Typically readers signing up for the very first time will take priority over those who have already read in our events. This keeps things fresh, new voices presenting each week.

Slots are available on a first come, first served basis.

Please note: We are experiencing increased interest from the writing community and slots are being filled quickly. So act fast!


We ask that the four featured readers show up early. Zoom virtual doors open at 5:30 pm CST. This gives the host time to do a roll call and take care of pre-show matters.

Find a quiet place and make sure Zoom is the only app running on your system.

We encourage all performers to use a headset mic or lapel mic. This will allow for a much more enjoyable listening experience for yourself and the audience.

Any prefatory material such as introducing your work, is included in your five minute turns.

Keep an eye on the time as you’re performing or set a five minute timer on your phone.

Be ready to perform when it’s your turn.

Be respectful and kind to your fellow readers.

Mute your microphone if you are not currently reading.

If you need to leave the event for some reason, do so. You do not need to explain why. We’ll assume the reason was important.

We strongly embrace our right to free speech. However, do not use EXCESSIVE profanity or vulgarity.

This concludes our sign up and event guidelines. Read on if you would like to learn how this event can help promote you and your original works.

This is an excellent opportunity for creative artists to:

Promote themselves and their work
Promote their new book
Reach a new audience
Collaborate with fellow creative artists


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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact James on Facebook, or if you would prefer, give him a call. We’d be happy to walk you through the sign up process!

Contact SpoFest founder and host James on Facebook

Phone: 660 553 4572

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