General Open Mic Guidelines

The O I C Studios Open Mic event contains content suitable for mature audiences only. We ask that young children are kept at home. Thank you for your understanding.

Participants wishing to perform please arrive 30 minutes before the start of the event to sign up. A clipboard will be provided for you to supply your name and what it is you will be performing, music, spoken word, etc.

To ensure variety throughout the evening’s program, the MC will determine the order in which participants will perform at the event.

Participants get at least one turn to perform. You may have another turn if there is time.

Music and spoken word participants can perform two selections per turn. For example, two songs, two poems. These two selections combined may not exceed 10 minutes.

Each event will be recorded live and individual performances will be included in our O I C Studios Open Mic Podcast on YouTube
This will be a great opportunity for artists seeking additional exposure. If you rather not have your performance uploaded, please let us know.

We strongly embrace our constitutional right to free speech. However, limit those things which may be considered obscene, vulgar or risque to a minimum. In other words, don’t overdo it! And as always, be mindful of your audience.

We thank you for abiding by these guidelines. Your understanding and cooperation help to ensure that everyone is given an equitable amount of time.

Please click below for detailed guidelines specific to the performance art you would like to perform at the event.

Click here for musician guidelines

Click here for spoken word guidelines

Click here for other performance arts guidelines

Please do not hesitate to call James if you have any questions or concerns.
660 553 4572

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