Donating To The Animal FAIR

James speaks about a wonderful organization here in Sedalia Missouri called the Animal Fair. He summarizes the adoption process and how people can donate to a worthy cause.

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Donating To The Animal Fair

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Banshee’s First Video!

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Phone Interview With Beverly From The Animal Fair



I got Banshee from the Animal F.A.I.R. in Sedalia Missouri, a foster based animal rescue organization. To show them my thanks and gratitude for letting me adopt such a wonderful cat, I have created this donation page in hopes that you would donate to their organization.

How does my donation help the animal F.A.I.R. (Foundation for Animals In Risk) of Sedalia Missouri?

We are always in need of cash for food, supplies, and veterinary expenses. That includes spay/neuter surgery, all vaccinations, heartworm test for dogs, feline leukemia and FIV test for cats. If a rescued animal needs treatment for an illness, which is common, then the cost is even higher.

What is animal F.A.I.R. (Foundation for Animals In Risk)?

animal F.A.I.R. (Foundation for Animals In Risk is committed to finding loving homes for cats and dogs that are at risk of being put down. animal FAIR is a non-profit, no kill animal rescue based in Sedalia, Missouri. We rescue cats and dogs from local shelters before they are euthanized, place them in foster homes, spay/neuter and vaccinate them, insure physical and emotional health and good socialization, and then adopt them into carefully screened homes.

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Banshee Encourages You To Donate!

For more information about Animal F.A.I.R. Click here:
Animal F.A.I.R. (Foundation for Animals In Risk) on


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